Central Barbershop Photo Gallery
We have been here in the same location for over 75 years.
Some of our customers have been coming here nearly as long as we've been cutting hair.
Here are some photos for your amusement.

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THEN and NOW,   or   BEFORE and AFTER
Tommy ?

This is Tom ?? and his first-ever haircut. Tom gave us a copy of this photo, taken nearly 50 years ago, when Central Barbershop was called Tucker's. We need a last name and a NOW photo for this guy.

This is Bryan's first haircut in 1967.
Bryan ?

Jim ?

This looks like it could very well be Jim's first haircut, but in all honesty, it wasn't. He did get quite a bit taken off the top though.

David - March 2009

Some of our customers come in about once every five or six months. We cut their hair REALLY short, and then it grows out over time. Whatever you want to do, is OK with us. You decide what you want to do... let us make it happen!

Time for another haircut!

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